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July 2020 by Dale Hartle

This is the home page for the Webgirl website, the personal website for Dale Hartle.

Dale Family History

My COVID-19 pandemic New Zealand lockdown project for 2020 was researching the Dale family history, after whom I am named. This project came about after a mini Frank-Dale family reunion held in Matamata in early March. From there a huge amount of information has been discovered and compiled about the wider Dale family, including Frank Dale's parents, brothers and sisters, and the Stow family. You can read all about this from the Dale Family History link.

Pearson Family History

Towards the end of lockdown I moved my attention to the Pearson family. Minnie Pearson married Henry Xavier Rush, my great-grandfather. Unfortunately she died in 1949 before I was born, but I did briefly get to know Henry Xavier as a child before he passed away in 1959. I have documented the Pearson family tree and written up a story about the Pearson family which you can look at from the link.

Rush Family Reunion 2017

For information about the Rush Family Reunion held at Easter 2017, go to our Reunion page.

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