RoadSmart Driver Training provides comprehensive driving lessons, on-road driving training, and pre-test assessments for passenger motor vehicle licences, motorcycles and licence endorsements. Defensive driving sessions are our specialty. Overseas conversions are also conducted for new migrants and permanent residents needing to convert an overseas driver's licence to a New Zealand licence.

Lessons for Learners

RoadSmart lessons are structured in a logical progression, so that each lesson builds on the skills learned in previous lessons. Action and learning points will be given at the end of a lesson, with notes and handouts.

Topics for beginners include:

Advanced topics include:

Students will also learn how to:

Other topics include:

For hazard detection, we focus on "seeing, thinking, acting", what happens when a vehicle is cornering or braking, and coping with various road/weather conditions.

With RoadSmart, you can book for 5 lessons, or our 5 lessons-10 on-road driving package. Check our Prices and Bookings pages for more information.

Specialised lessons are available for overseas conversions, motorcycles and endorsement licences.

Theory Tests

Driver licence theory tests have moved from paper-based scratch tests to computerised versions. This affects people taking car, motorcycle and heavy vehicle driver licence theory tests.

The 35 computerised theory test questions will appear in random order. All questions will be multi-choice and you will need to select the answer you think is correct by clicking on it.

You will need to get at least 32 questions right out of 35 if you are sitting your car or motorcycle test, and 33 out of 35 right if you are taking the heavy vehicle test.

The computerised theory tests will be available in English and nine other languages.

Practical Driving Tests

Your on-road driving test is a practical demonstration of your driving ability. If you want to pass the test on the first attempt, you will need to be well-prepared and have had plenty of on-road driving experience.

When you're ready to sit your official practical driving test, RoadSmart can conduct a pre-test assessment to check your driving skill and ensure you are familiar with the test criteria.

Fact Sheets

The New Zealand Transport Agency website has factsheets which lists the requirements and process for obtaining the following licences:

Defensive Driving Sessions

Contact RoadSmart to book your defensive driving session after your course. This one hour session will cover all the requirements in preparation for the full licence test.

Check our Prices and Bookings pages for more information and to contact us.