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The Family Trees for Charles and Eliza Dale

Charles and Eliza Dale - Family Trees

This page has information about the family trees of Charles Hawkins Dale and Eliza Mary Bolton Stow[e].

Eliza gave birth to 13 children, but only 11 survived. Each family has their own story and family tree.

  1. William Charles Dale 1854-1914
  2. Eliza Mary Dale 1865-1922 (Box-Sinclair family)
  3. Lydia Annie Dale 1859-1941 (Bridgman family)
  4. Rose Dale 1861-1891 (Muir family)
  5. Edward Dale 1864-19??
  6. George Dale 1865-1948
  7. Frank Beaumont Dale 1868-1868
  8. Henry Dale 1869-1909
  9. Frank Dale 1870-1954
  10. Stillborn twin 1870
  11. Emily Dale 1893-1950
  12. Mary Constance Dale 1875-1914 (Batchelar family)
  13. Clara Dale 1877-1949 (Litchfield family)

Each of the family stories are in PDF format linked from the Home page. You can download and print these stories as you wish.

The family trees are only available BY REQUEST ONLY for privacy and security reasons. You need to email me to request the family tree or trees, and state which family you belong to. This information is not being published publicly except on the closed Facebook page. The tree numbering system is taken as meaning Charles Hawkins Dale and Eliza Mary Bolton Stow[e] are Generation 1, so each next generation gets the next number in the sequence. This helps you track back through the generations to find your lineage. Each of the family trees has their own file as it is easier to maintain. However you could request all the files in Word format and reformat them to your liking for printing.

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