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The Pearson Family website has been produced by Dale Hartle, great-granddaughter of Minnie Pearson who married Henry Xavier Rush.

Charles and Maria Pearson

Charles and Maria Pearson emigrated from the UK on the "Euterpe" with their one year old son Charles Henry Pearson.

Charles Pearson, was born on 28 August 1850 in Portsea, Hampshire, England.

Maria Broomfield (or Bloomfield on some documents) was born on 9 November 1852 at Totten, Eling, in Southampton.

Charles Pearson married Maria Broomfield on 24 December 1872 in St Mary's Parish Church, Portsea, Hampshire.

Charles and Maria Pearson (nee Broomfield).

Above: Charles and Maria Pearson (nee Broomfield).

Charles, a Cordwainer [Shoe Maker] prior to emigrating, and Maria left London on 27 April 1874 and arrived in Wellington on 30 August 1874 with their first child Charles Henry Pearson, aged 1 year. This voyage was 124 days under Captain Phillips with 410 passengers and crew.

Euterpe - now known as Star of India, at berth San Diego, United States.

Above: Euterpe - now known as Star of India, at berth San Diego, United States

Maria was pregnant when she boarded the "Euterpe", and baby Minnie McGahey Euterpe Pearson was born on board on 13 August 1874, two weeks prior to arrival in New Zealand.

Maria's sister (Rosina) Minnie Broomfield was also on board. She was listed as being aged 22 and from the Isle of Wight, with her occupation being Cook.

Rosina Broomfield.

Above: Rosina Broomfield.

Maria and Rosina Broomfield were the only two of their family who came out to New Zealand. All the other brothers and sisters stayed in England except for one brother Robert who emigrated to the United States of America.

Most of the immigrants were bound for the Manchester Block near Feilding and were assisted and selected by the Emigrant and Colonists Aid Corporation. See the separate Story of the Euterpe, Settling of the Manchester Block and History of the Manchester Block, for details on how the Pearsons came to New Zealand and where they settled.

The Pearsons and other families bound for Feilding trans-shipped from Wellington to Foxton on the "Stormbird" and then travelled overland through Palmerston North to Feilding where they lived in the Immigration barracks located on the Corner of Beattie & Kimbolton Road and later became Goss Upholstery until they found a permanent home. They were among a group of original settlers who arrived over a period of six months to settle the Manawatu via the Emigrants and Colonists Aid Corporation.

Feilding Immigration Barracks.

Above: Feilding Immigration Barracks.

However they did not stay long in Feilding, only about 6 years, moving to Palmerston North, eventually living at 51 Terrace Street (now known as Ruahine Street) for many years, from at least 1878 until 1905 as Charles was listed as a Ratepayer.

Charles and Maria Pearson had 11 children altogether (two of whom died as babies):

  1. Charles Henry Pearson - 1873-1943 (born Isle of Wight)
  2. Minnie McGahey Euterpe Pearson (1) - 1874-1874 (born at sea)
  3. John Dawson Pearson - 1876-1915
  4. Rosina Eliza Pearson - 1878-1941 (Married John Francis Hanly)
  5. Maria Beatrice Pearson (1) - 1879-1880
  6. Maria Beatrice Pearson (2) - 1881-1939 (Married Samuel Cornelius Deane, James Black McDiarmid)
  7. Minnie McGhay Pearson (2) - 1882-1946 (Married Henry Xavier Rush)
  8. Fanny Louisa Pearson - 1883-1955 (Married Hercules Herdman)
  9. James Arthur Pearson - 1885-1929
  10. David William Pearson - 1888-1953
  11. Kenneth Samuel Pearson - 1890-1948

Some time after 1909, Charles and Maria Pearson moved to Dannevirke and bought a small farm at Tahoraiti as Charles is recorded as living there in 1911 and 1914 according to the Electoral Rolls. However Maria is recorded in 1911 as living in Palmerston Nth, Terrace Street, Married.

Maria died on 16 April 1917 at Tahoraiti, and Charles died on 5 July 1920 of ill-health at Tahoraiti.

Charles and Maria Pearson are buried together at the Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke, Block D plot 24.

Headstone - Charles and Maria Pearson, Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke.

Headstone - Charles and Maria Pearson, Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke - closeup.

Above: Headstone - Charles and Maria Pearson, Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke. Taken by Dale Hartle, April 2021.

You can read the full story of Charles and Maria Pearson in the History of the Pearson Family, the Pearson Family Tree, and the Pearson-Broomfield Family History in the files section below (all in pdf format).

Altogether Charles and Maria had 11 children, and it is believed, 64 grandchildren (possibly 9 of whom died as babies).

One of Charles and Maria's sons served in World War I, 8 of their grandsons served in World Wars I and II, and 5 spouses also served. Two served for Australia.

Also buried at Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke:

  • James Arthur Pearson, son of Charles and Maria Pearson, died 14 Nov 1929, ZD14
  • Emily Bertha Pearson (Knight), wife of James Arthur Pearson, died 9 Nov 1949, ZM29
  • Leslie David Pearson, died 3 Apr 1943, son of James and Emily Pearson, ZM29
  • James Henry Eugene Pearson, died 28 Oct 1978, son of James Arthur and Emily Pearson, LM38
  • Ruby Evelyn Pearson, wife of James Henry Eugene Pearson, died 10 June 2006, LM38
  • Noel Kenneth John Pearson, son of James Arthur and Emily Pearson, died 4 Jan 1919, D30
  • Gladys Elaine Pearson, daughter of James Arthur and Emily Pearson, died 30 Oct 1920, D11
  • Kenneth Samuel Pearson, son of Charles and Maria Pearson, died 15 July 1948, ZN9
  • Jessie Marguerite Pearson (nee Graham), wife of Kenneth Samuel Pearson, died 27 March 1967, ZN9
  • Jessica Lorraine Pearson, daughter of Kenneth Samuel and Jessie Pearson, died 20 Aug 1930, ZD31
  • Stephen Dempsey Pearson, son of Kenneth Samuel and Jessie Pearson, (cremated), died 16 Jun 1994, AG14
  • Lila Ellen Pearson (nee Peck), wife of Stephen Dempsey Pearson, died 16 June 1994, AG14
  • Graham Douglas Pearson, son of Stephen Dempsey and Lila Ellen Pearson, AG14
  • Trevor John Pearson, son of Kenneth Samuel Pearson and Jessie Pearson, died 2 Oct 1931, ZD31

Headstone - Kenneth Samuel Pearson.

Above: Headstone - Kenneth Samuel Pearson.

Headstone - James Henry Pearson

Above: Headstone - Headstone - James Henry Eugene Pearson.

None of the other graves at Mangatera Cemetery have headstones.

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Where has this information come from?

Information for this family webpage has been compiled from a number of public and private sources including:

  • "A Humble Beginning" by Steve Rush and Dale Hartle
  • Birth, death and marriage records
  • Newspaper clippings, articles and announcements
  • Probate documents
  • Burial and cremation records
  • Published books
  • Personal stories and memories
  • Photographs
  • Information on genealogy websites
  • Library and museum records
  • Family sources and Ancestry family trees

Individual permission to publish this information has not been sought, as most of the details are in the public domain or have been provided by family. The family tree goes down 2 generations as it is believed all those listed are now deceased, with a smattering of generation 3 names as people have contacted me.

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