DG 760 - Photo P Anderson


Drive Carriage 787

The drive carriage is designed to ride behind the DG760 locomotive to provide a driver's seat. The passenger's compartment consists of centre bench seating for four people. A toolbox locker is located at the back, for storing chains, bolts, coupling rods and tools.

DG760 and carriage 787 at Keirunga.

The carriage replicates a locomotive, but differs slightly as it uses two 2-axle bogies, and acts as a brake coach. The passenger compartment is accessed by a 400 mm door on each side.

The colour scheme is the same as the locomotive, so they are a matching set, with the carriage having the number 787.

Ride-on Passenger Carriages

Three ride-on passenger carriages have also been built. These carriages are articulated, and have padded seats and footrails.

Ride-on carriage being built.

Go to Flickr - DG760 to see the carriages in various stages of being built and in operation.