DG 760 - Photo P Anderson


Original DGs

The original DGs usually ran coupled with DJs, but these two classes were not entirely compatible. The original DG cabs had high noise levels, while the central position of the driver's seat made them less than convenient, with poor visibility. The new cabs got over these problems and DGs were seen running in multiple, controlled from a locomotive with a new cab. A combination of three DGs, with the two outer locomotives fitted with new cabs, were a versatile unit able to move the same loads as the DF and DJ combinations, and such triple units were a common sight on the South Island Main Trunk Line for several years.

The original DG772 locomotive pulling carriages.

An original DG locomotive, DG772, together with DE511, pulling a special Christchurch-Springfield excursion away from Rolleton, on 23 October 1988. (Photo Cover Rails, March 1989, D L A Turner).

DG760 after recabbing, at Dunedin station.

A black and white photo of DG760, the first locomotive of the class to receive a new cab, about to leave Dunedin on a trial run. Behind the DG is DJ1209, one of several which had engine modifications. (Photo Rails, August 1978, C M Harman).

The DG class were half-power editions of the English Electric DF class. Ten of the DGs were overhauled and fitted with new cabs bewteen 1978 and 1980, and ten more were overhauled to operate as trailing or "slave" locos wih the recabbed locos.

Because of their poor reliability and high operating costs, all of the class were withdrawn from service by December 1983. Six were set aside for preservation of which only four now survive. DG772 (pictured above) formerly DH772 is a static exhibit at Ferrymead.

DG760 with slave locomotive.

DG760 with refurbished slave DG787 in one of Dunedin's docks. The occasion was September 1979 marking completion of the Main South Line. Photo Colin Harrison, Courtesy Rails.

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