Sharp-Healy Family

The Story of the first two Generations

Norrie Sharp 1931 - 2013

Norrie Sharp

Norwood Alexander Sharp, or "Norrie" as he is known, was born on 29 June 1931 in Dunedin. He was named after his Aunty Jean's husband, who was Allan Norwood.

He was the youngest member of the Sharp family.

Norrie married Aileen Rebecca Thompson in 1956 and they had three sons: Gregory, Richard and Phillip. Aileen was born on 26 December 1930 in Queenstown.

Norrie and Aileen lived in Australia for many years, more recently in Gosford north of Sydney.

Sadly, Aileen passed away suddenly on 3 December 2010, aged 79 years, and was cremated on 10 December. She left four granddaughters Gudrun, Zoe, Georgina and Laura. You can view her obituary on the HeavenAddress website. Gregory passed away in February 2012 also at Gosford, after a short illness.

Norrie passed away on Wednesday 20 February 2013 after a short illness.

Aileen's ashes were interred at Marsden Valley Cemetery, near Nelson (Ref MVQDR001) Quail Drive, Block QDR, Plot 1 on 25 October 2011.

Norrie Sharp, Nelson College, 1949.

This photo shows Norrie in a 1949 Nelson College First XV team photo while attending Nelson College. "The 1949 Nelson College First XV. Back: Robin Ellery, Ken Vaney, H. Cameron, Pat McEwan, John McLean, Artie Dennis, John Mace, Guy Bowers. Front: Norrie Sharp, Peter Stuart, John Parker, Warren Hawke, Jules Houghton, Bob Marris, Stuart Webber."

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