Sharp-Healy Family

The Story of the first two Generations

Healy Family

The Healy family section of this website documents the life of Thomas John Healy of Ireland, his wife Margaret Gallagher, and their ten children (known as Generation 1). They emigrated to New Zealand in the 1860-70s and farmed in Central Otago. Also Thomas's siblings: Honora, Patrick, Catherine and Mary.

Margaret Healy

Also documented is the family of Margaret Healy, her husband John Bentley Sharp (in the Sharp section), and their seven children (known as Generation 2).

The information here was compiled from "As I Remember It", memoirs by Beverley Sharp, notes by Desmond Sharp and transcript of tapes by Eileen Sharp. Also used were books, war records, family documents, birthday books, public records, newspaper items, medical records, photographs and research by Dale Hartle.

Facts and Snippets

Margaret Healy had ten children in 14 years, the first within a year of marriage. Three died in their 80s, three in their 90s. The youngest child Denis was the first to die (of battle wounds), and the 2nd youngest Francis was next (with tuberculosis). Four died in the 1960s (Thomas, Susan, Catherine, Frances), and three within months of each other in 1979-80 in their 90s (Jean, Rose and Margaret). Only four of the Healy family had any children (Jean, Rose, Frances and Margaret), and four suffered from medical conditions which resulted in them being committed to Seacliff (Patrick, Catherine, Susan and Francis). The oldest and youngest fought for New Zealand in the Otago Regiment in France in 1917-18.

The total direct descendants from Generation 1 was 14. There is now no-one in New Zealand carrying the Healy surname. The total number of descendants is over 150.

The 5th child, Margaret Healy, was the last of Generation 1 to pass away in 1980, and her husband John Bentley Sharp, was also the last of his generation to pass away in 1964.

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