Sharp-Healy Family

The Story of the first two Generations

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Added new pages for Patrick, Catherine, Mary and Honora Healy.

Update to Jean Healy, Rose Healy, and baptism details.

Update to France page with new information and links about the Battle of Broodseinde, and photos of exhibition.

Update to Eleanor Rose Sharp with information on husband Selwyn Edge, and photo of Eleanor with a vehicle.

Update to Thomas Healy with information of early working years at Longslip Station, Omarama.


Sharp-Healy Family

Dale Hartle and Desmond Sharp

The Sharp-Healy website has been produced by Dale Hartle, eldest daughter of Desmond Sharp. This has been a multi-year project to document and publish the family history for the interest and benefit of the family, who are now living all around the world. You can print any or all of the pages here as you wish with permission.

What’s on this website?

You will read the story of the history of the Sharp and Healy families, the joining of the two families by the marriage of John Bentley Sharp to Margaret Healy, and the children of John and Margaret.

You will also find pages discussing the most important places in the family – Naseby, Kyeburn, Bendigo, Seacliff and France.

There are a number of historical photos of family members, as well as current family photos in the photo gallery.

We also list all the family members from John Edwin Sharp of England, and Thomas John Healy of Ireland on the family tree, as well as other Family Tree Reports and forms.

Where has the information come from?

Information for this family website has been compiled from a number of public and private sources including:

  • Birth, death and marriage records
  • Newspaper clippings, articles and announcements
  • Probate documents
  • Burial records
  • Published books
  • Personal stories and memoirs
  • Photographs
  • Medical records
  • Army Service records
  • Information on other websites
  • Transcript of tapes by Eileen Sharp
  • Personal diaries and photographs


When you are reading these stories, you will notice different spellings for some names: Healy, and Healey; Denis and Dennis; Bently and Bentley. These names were often handwritten or typed with different spellings on some of the documents referred to. In most cases the spelling of Healy and Bentley has been used.

Contact details

If you have any information or photos to add to the site, or any corrections, please contact Dale Hartle in Levin, New Zealand, by phone +64 21 45 34 24 or email .

Log of earlier updates

27 January 2023 Updated page for Eleanor Rose Sharp with new information about Selwyn Francis Edge and his family, with links.

26 July 2021 Added new pages for Patrick, Catherine, Mary and Honora Healy.

14 June 2021: Updated the pages for Jean Healy, Rose Healy, and baptism details.

24 December 2019: Dale Hartle visited Andersons Bay and Southern Cemeteries and photographed Healy and Sharp graves

24 December 2019: Added page for Honora Healy

23 March 2019: Details of Beverley Sharp death, Photo of Brian at Denis Healy grave, France

4 August 2014: Update with links to World War 1 websites and online databases for Denis Healy.

5 May 2014: Update with new family information for Alice Theodosia Sharp.

2 January 2014: Update with new family information for Bertram Sharp.

31 December 2013: Updated with new information about Denis Healy, including addition of Memorial Plaque.

12 August 2013: Updated with death of Sheila Braithwaite.

25 February 2013: Updated with death of Norrie Sharp.

22 August 2012: Updated story of Eileen, Joan and Doreen.

14 August 2012: Updated story of John Bentley Sharp with information from Eileen's tapes.

14 August 2012: Added details of the Naseby Fatal Fire on Thomas Healy's page.

25 July 2012: Updated story of Desmond Sharp with photographs of his 3 headstones.

25 July 2012: Updated story of Edwin Sharp with information about Ethel's family.

30 May 2012: Updated story of Bertram Sharp with information about Alice's family.

30 May 2012: Updated story of Bendigo with information about building of crib.

January 2012: Updated Desmond Sharp's story following his death on 6 January 2012.

15 November 2010: Updated story of John Edwin Sharp and his first wife Theodosia, and their 5 children.

20 July 2009: Updated story of Isabella Mary Sharp provided by Lesley MacClure.

1 May 2010: Updated family tree - John Edwin Sharp

3 July 2010: Updated story on Sarah Bentley Sharp provided by Gay Brennan.

Last updated: 27 January 2023